Our Refund Policy

5-Day Satisfaction Guarantee/ Money-Back Guarantee: If you are yet to use our free trial but would like to request a refund, you can place the request anytime within 5 days from your date of purchase.

Process for Refund Request: We inform all our customers, existing or potential, that refunds are not processed via any kind of automation. Feel free to contact us anytime within 5 business days of canceling your customer account. We will initiate the process afterward.

Applicable Charges and Exclusions: We only allow refunds based on your current subscription charge. Refunds do not include any additional or overage charges carried forward to your account from any previous months.

Customer Account Management: We do not manage customers’ accounts. As a customer, you can manage your account, any kind of overages, and credit limits.

Refunds Beyond The Policy: We do not issue any refund that you may claim for using your account during any month outside our refund policy.

Refunds Within the Same Calendar Month’s Usage: We do not consider any request for refund if the customer has used the Blogen account during the same month while requesting outside our 5-day trial period.

Request a Refund:

We believe that the circumstances of your business might change, and you may change your mind about using our service. With utmost respect toward your business decision, we have made the refund process as easy as you may expect.

At Blogen, we stay committed to offering a fair, convenient, and transparent policy to facilitate the refund process, keeping up customer satisfaction. In any case, you may need/ want to request a refund. All you need is to write to us via info@blogen.net.

Once we receive a request for refund, we start reviewing the request as quickly as possible. Then, we respond to the request within 24–48 hours. We hope you will understand that all refund requests are subject to the above conditions and may not therefore be fulfilled.

However, for a start, we ask customers to cancel their account first. This action will help us review the request and conduct apotential process for refund faster. If a customer is eligible to receive a refund as we review the request, we take the necessary steps to ensure that the refund is processed successfully.

Each request for refund is timestamped and considered with due attention once it is sent by a customer. While we understand that you may need to wait for a while as we process the request, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Please note that we strongly discourage customers from misusing our services or taking any action that violates our policy. If we find any instance or proof of our service being misused or any policy being violated by a customer who has requested a refund, we reserve every right to refuse their request for a refund. However, we are always sincere to cooperate with customers toward a fair, reasonable, and transparent solution.

If your request for refund is approved after our review, we will start our process to facilitate the payment. We believe you will understand that we are liable to maintain a reasonable timeframe in this regard. After all, it is our commitment to ensure a hassle-free process for refund.

As we value the time and trust of our customers, we keep working efficiently and hard to exceed their expectations and build a long-lasting relationship. Thank you for letting us serve you and choosing Blogen!